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Italian Volpinos in the UK today

This page is for people who want to share with us their Italian Volpinos.

If you have an Italian Volpino in the UK and would like them to be included on our Italian Volpino UK page please contact me on:

It would be great if you could send a photo with your volpino's name, date of birth & some background breeding.  If you can please include a little bit of background details of your history with the Italian Volpino.

CLICK HERE to read my research into the history of the Italian Volpino in the UK

 © Sarah Claydon


(UFO Del Colle Degli Ulivi)

Milo is our Italian Volpino who came from Siena in Northern Italy from Roberto Francini in December 2020.

Born on 21st June 2020.

Milo lives with Mia & our rescue pug cross, Lola and rescued pug called Bentley, both from Cinque Ports Rescue.

Our daughter is teaching him agility with the Whitstable Agility Group, his KC agility register name is:

"UFO Volpino"

We live in Whitstable, Kent.

In 2021 Milo competed successfully in the unaffiliated dog shows at Paws in the Park, Detling & South of England.

He entered the Yearling Pedigree classes and also the Utility Group classes.  He got places, 2nd, 3rd & 6th in classes with up to 30 or more competitors! 

In 2022 Sienna & Milo competed at Crufts in the Junior Handler age 6-11, Utility & Toy Group.  They were placed 5th from a strong group of young handlers.


We are very proud!!!.





Mia is our Italian Volpino who came from

Ostuni in Italy from Vito Lairo. 

Born on 23rd May 2021.

Mia is a bouncy fun little dog, so different from Milo who is a little more reserved about life.

Lola is the matriarch and keeps them all in check!   

Sienna is hoping to start to do some agility with Mia this summer with the Whitstable Agility Group.

KC Activity Register name "Fragola Volpino"


Male Born on 28th August 2017

Nessa rescued Ari from Romania where he had lived in a small caged area from 3 months old.  He is now safe and loved by Nessa in Oxfordshire

Ari is a social media superstar and a real ambassador for the Italain Volpino UK, you can follow him on Instagram @ari.volpino

Upload 18apr24.jpg

Alfredo, Aria, Enzo
& Rosie Del


Mia & Milo's puppies were born on 15th December 2022.

Alfredo (Fred) stayed with us and although he was unexpected and very small when he was born, he has started to catch up and is growing into a very affectionate and fun little dog.


Aria now lives with Francesco and his family and has a new big brother, Freccia  a rustic volpino bred by Gabrielle.


Enzo is now the man of the house living with Rachel, Enzo is her first dog and they have been to lots of training classes and enjoy lots of walking in the countryside.

Follow Enzo on instagram @enzo_volpino

Rosie lives with Elissa, Andrew, Lily (below) & Poppy.  She loves to play with Poppy and Lily keeps them in check.

Follow Rosie on instagram @rosiethevolpino


The Whiteley Volpinos

From Left to Right:

Bizzie (4), Dorabella (12), Gemma (7)

Fleur (10) and Gena (7)

Photo taken in March 2020

Arctic & Family

These beautiful dogs are owned by Victoria and her family in the North of England.

Victoria's Grandfather travelled to Italy in the 1930's and brought back two Italian Volpinos.

Since then their family have been breeding Italian Volpinos using these blood lines.

Victoria is very passionate about the breed and has ensured all her dogs are on the KC Agility Register.

Victoria has started up a UK Italian Volpino Club on Facebook, you can find it here:

The U.K Volpino Italian Club

victorias volpinos_edited.jpg
Rustic 2_edited.jpg

Rustic Italian Volpino Kennel UK

The Rustic Italian Volpino can be quite different from the Show Italian Volpino ENCI/FCI Standard.  They can be different in size, colour, head & body shape.  They are primarily bred as working dogs.

All the Rustic Italian Volpino dogs have been imported from Southern Italy & are from specific bloodlines to resemble foxes.

If you would like more information see the Rustic Italian Volpino Kennel UK website:

You can follow Gabriele and her volpinos on their Instagram page too:



Lily was rescued by Elissa in 2019 when in Naples in Southern Italy.  

Lily was found dumped by the side of the road in a suitcase, filthy and covered in hundreds of ticks.

Now she is lives in the UK, much loved by Elissa, Andrew, Poppy and Rosie
(Mia & Milo's puppy).

Lily cropped.jpg
Susan Volpino.JPG


Gina was born in July 2021 and

is owned by Susan & her family.

She is a puppy of Shada of the

The Rustic Volpino Kennel UK.


Pixie is a 3 year old full pedigree Italian Volpino bitch owned by 

Rachel Claire and Family.

She was imported into the UK and

bred by Giovanna Bottacini.

Pixie is ENCI FCI Registered and Rachel is considering breeding from her in the future.

Pixie Volpino.jpg
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